Australia Day Busy Bee

The weather for the coming days has significantly changed from when we planned the Australia Day Busy Bee. We are looking at 37, 39, 34 & 38 as the weather for the coming days. We all know that of late the weather forecasts have gone significantly over.

We’ve been advised by the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale that it is highly likely that a HARVEST & VEHICLE MOVEMENT BAN will be in place. This means no use of the machinery to dig the holes for the fencing. As such we have to make an early decision to cancel the machinery as it’s an expense we can not have sitting around with no purpose. This is devastating to our plans and will put pressure on the team to have this completed by our first ArenaX.

We will revisit this situation on Friday morning and ascertain if we have the machinery delivered for the weekend and fence like possessed volunteers. We ask that you keep an eye on Facebook for updates and remember that HARVEST & VEHICLE MOVEMENT BANS mean NO riding and if you’re caught there is extensive fines let alone the fines should your bike accidentally start a fire no matter how small.

If we receive the all clear it would be greatly appreciated to have as much help as possible even if you only have an hour or two to spare to come down and help.

Kind regards

Lightweight MCC Committee

Australia Day Busy Bee