Constitution & AGM Info

Lightweight Motorcycle Club Association Rules effective 28th November 2017 can be viewed here.  All future By-laws will also be available here

Notification of 2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM will be the first to be held under our new association rules.  In accordance it can not be undertaken until the completion of the financial year and the financials audited as the audit report must be presented.  As such please be advised that our 2018 AGM will be held on Saturday 20th January 2018 at 10am sharp at the Lightweight Motorcycle Club Rooms.

All positions will be made vacant and all positions are required to be filled in order for the club to continue operation.  No permits will be granted by MWA should the positions not be filled.  Nomination for the 5 director positions must be received by 5pm 23rd of December 2017 as per the instructions on the form and no nominations will be taken from the floor.  Forms are available for download here.


Lightweight MCC Committee